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Nordic Stretch Tents - Oatly

For the love of veg!

The Oslo Vegetarian Festival is well, exactly that! A two day vegetarian and vegan food festival in Kuba Park, Oslo where visitors are invited to taste the latest veggie and vegan foods on the market, attend inspiring lectures and learn to cook new dishes from Norway’s best vegetarian and vegan cooks.

This year, we kept the Oatly team and their new range of ice creams cool in the unusual 30 degree spring heat with our platinum 6 x 8m stretch tent.

You can see by the pictures that there was pretty much a constant queue of visitors lining up, we thought initially for wanting to get out of the sun and take refuge under the shade covered by our stretch tent but soon realised it was in fact the Oatly ice cream treats and oatchinos that they were so eagerly waiting in line for! We’ll let you have this one, Oatly. Our staple diet for the weekend was your kind and delicious ice cream and we really can’t complain about that. Also, who said “beachbody 2018” was even a thing anymore?