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Nordic Stretch Tents - Oatly

On Ice!

We love that we can rig our stretch tents in SNOW! We also love the fact that we can pull down the stretch tent sides to protect these pleasant Oatly barristers and promoters from the icy winds blowing across the ski slopes. This combination of clever tent construction paired with Oatly’s “Oatchinos” and hot chocolate makes for one cosy fika experience on ice!

Yes, we’re talking about Åre Sessions Festival 2018! What an event it was. Last year we rigged a stretch tent for Oatly in the town square. This year we took it to new heights (literally) and rigged on the ski slopes.

The stretch tent provided Oatly the opportunity to invite festival skiers (not goers…see what we did there) to take a short break on the slopes. A hot drink and a lounge in a deck chair was on offer before skiers made their way down to the bottom of the slopes where they enjoyed live music from bands like “Icona Pop” and “Tove Styrke”.

An annual event that salutes the winter, welcomes the spring and starts the stretch tent rigging season off with a bang!