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Nordic Stretch Tents - Wow No Cow

Only Love For Heartland Festival

What a beautiful mishmash of international musicians, contemporary art and unique food experiences that all take place in scenic gardens that surround the 16th century Egeskov Castle in Denmark.

We’ll be truly surprised if you even feel the urge to read on at this point. Our guesses are you’ve already bought your ticket for the 2019 festival. Either way, we’ll continue to paint an even clearer picture of what you’ll experience at this truly unique and inspiring festival.

We love how music festivals in general have evolved and broadened their activities to include vivid talks and culinary experiences.

We can definitely speak on behalf of those extraordinary culinary experiences (also because we were lucky enough to work with Oatly again)! Before we go on about the bug burgers (not 100% sold on this but after getting told on numerous occasions that, “it’s the future”, we’ll give it more time) or the ice cream drizzled with olive oil that we devoured (who would have thought that those two taste so good together?), we’ll shift our focus to our edgy stretch tent rig for Oatly!

We embraced our inner-hippie the best we could to give this vintage Oatly VW bus the “far out” look it deserved by rigging one of our platinum stretch tent sails to provide a little more shade and “cosiness” (is that a word?) for the baristas and festival goers. With a luscious, green hedge as the backdrop accessorized with loungers, “Oatchinos” and unobstructed views of the main stage it easily became a favourite “hang-out” spot for festival frollickers.