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Nordic Stretch Tents

Europe’s Best Beach Club

…and it’s not hard to see why. This palm tree, daybed, blue skied oasis is located on Gotland’s coast in Visby and offers one insane lineup during the summer months. *WARNING*- namedropping about to commence. Kallis Visby hosts well known DJ’s, artists and special events including “after parties” and dining during Almedalen Week (the world’s largest democratic meeting place and political summit), the talented rap artist, “Petter” and the “off the chain” DJ and pop duo, Rebecca & Fiona.

Yes, these events have all happened under one roof. Not just any roof though. An 800 sqm stretch tent cover solution that has kept out the rain and created one dazzling backdrop for a light display during the evening’s clubbing experience. If that’s not enough we’ve added an extra 700 sqm stretch tent over the daybeds to make double sure that the summer festivities can continue come rain or shine. Side Note: we love how the stretch tent’s curves and ridges reflect the ocean’s wavelets so beautifully.

So, we were already sold on this spot when palm trees were mentioned. How about you? Maybe it was a waste to write such a long blog post. Your bags are probably already packed and you’re on your way to the airport to catch the next flight to Visby. Guess we’ll see you there then!