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Nordic Stretch Tents

Inside OUT

Today we popped in at Varbergs Kusthotell to admire our striking 6x9m black stretch tent that stretches out over a grassy area outside the hotel’s front entrance. Wow, does this coastal hotel have it right. This three month long heat wave that Sweden’s experiencing means bringing the inside OUT! All the luxuries that you may find in your lounge or dining areas have made their way out to the open air.  It’s a real nomadic state of mind with our black bedouin beauty housing gorgeous ocean-inspired decor that the area has been furnished with.

It’s a cosy spot that overlooks the ocean and protects you from the wind so that you can enjoy your book and mud-strong cup of Swedish coffee to the full! On occasion you’ll even be serenaded by a band or two as this beautiful outdoor space doubles up as a stage.

Sunrise mornings (although you’ll be up at 3am Swedish time) or sunset evenings (this means you’ll also need to stay awake until about 10pm) or actually, anytime of the day, this spot is guaranteed to provide serenity and a relaxing dining experience if ever visiting this West Coast pearl of a place.


Image of Anna Vild ( performing at Varbergs Kusthotell