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Nordic Stretch Tents


It seems as though the entire Swedish population has assembled under this newly rigged 800 sqm monster of a stretch tent to watch the Swedish football team progress to the quarter finals! Either that, or an epic game of “Where’s Wally” or “Var Är Waldo” is being played amongst the sea of blue and yellow supporters shirts. Nothing like a super-sized stretch tent and big screen to bring people together. All the feels and, “heja Sverige” for tomorrow’s match against England!

Oh yes, and this stretch tent happens to be beautifully located at one of Europe’s BEST beach clubs, Kallis which is situated in Visby on the island of Gotland. Palm trees, blue skies, salty sea air and one MAD summer lineup! Be sure to read the next blog post to catch a glimpse of the awesome events that take place on Visby’s shoreline this summer!