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Nordic Stretch Tents

The Meaning of the Word “Läcker” or “Lekker”

Did you know that the Swedish word, “läcker” meaning cool or pleasant not only exists in Scandinavian vocabularies but is also a common word used in South Africa? A fun fact that gave Nordic Stretch Tents AB owners Daniel (from Sweden) and Jeandre (from South Africa) something in common and something to talk about when first meeting back in 2010.

I digress. We just love this word and agree that it best describes Varberg’s Hallifornia Festival. This summer festival offers a range of activities from yoga to street and water sports, food and music and it all takes place by the ocean!

You will witness an oasis of our stretch tents at this “läcker” event. Last year our chino coloured stretch tent featured at the Hallispirit area where outdoor yoga and meditation classes took place. A perfect, natural looking tent to blend in with the outdoor surroundings and compliment the nourishing philosophies and practices of yoga and meditation. In addition to this we covered the main stage (in chino) and Corona bar (in white) at the Grand Finale. The nomadic look of our stretch tents combined well with the relaxed and laid-back wanderer look and feel of the Grand Finale area. Wanting to enjoy a beach-town-summer-festival experience without having to hop on a plane to California this summer? This “lekker” Hallifornia gem of an event on Sweden’s west coast is your answer!